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Sponsor Our Team

Running an FTC team can be expensive! Many of our team members would be unable to participate without the generous support of sponsors. In order to participate in the activity we love, we ask for the support of businesses and partnerships for resources to help us succeed. 

How do we use Donations?

There are many expenses for our team. Here is a shortened list with some of the most common expenses that we utilize sponsorships to cover the cost of.

  • Team Registration

  • FTC Field and Game Elements

  • Robot Parts

  • Tools and Equipment for building

  • 3D printing

  • Laptops and devices for students lacking access

  • Office Supplies

  • Video Recording Equipment

  • Applications and Softwares including Google Drive storage

  • Team Shirts and Spirtwear

  • Outreach Events

  • And more...

Why Sponsor Our Team?

Awards won in 2 years
Tax Deductible Sponsorship

Sponsor Reward Tiers:

We offer a five tier sponsorship rewards program to give our sponsors' brands exposure and recognition. Additionally, any donations are tax-exempt when written to our 501(c)(3) sponsor organization.


View Our Sponsorship Brochure:


View Our Sponsor Reward Tiers:




Reward Tier Link
How to Donate

3 Ways to Donate:


Your Sponsorship Application


A Meeting In Person


Our Head Coach

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