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Connecting REV Driver Hub to REV Control Hub

The REV Driver Hub is an optional replacement for the Android Phones which were previously used to connect to the REV Control Hub. Many FIRST teams have had connection issues with the phones and robot during competition and this new tool aims to solve this problem. Our team, Rounded Cube, has gone through the necessary steps to get started with the new device and in order to make the new technology easier for other FIRST teams, we have compiled some instructions to help your team get started.

In this blog post, we will provide instructions for connecting the REV Driver Hub to the REV Control Hub. If you have not yet done the initial setup for the REV Driver Hub, check out this post here.

Connecting REV Driver Hub to REV Control Hub
Connecting REV Driver Hub to REV Control Hub

Step 1: Preparing the Control Hub

The first step is to turn on the Control Hub by plugging the 12V battery into the XT30 connector on the Control Hub. You may also include a switch between the Battery and Control Hub, if you prefer.


The Control Hub is ready to pair once the LED turns green. Note: the light blinks blue every few seconds to indicate that the Control Hub is working.

Step 2: Connecting the Driver Station

The next step is to connect the REV Driver Hub through the Control Hub's network.

Here’s how to do it:

1. When in the Driver Hub main menu, select the Driver Station application.

2. In the Driver Station app, click the three dots in the upper right and select 'Settings' from the drop down menu.

3. From the Settings Menu select the first option, 'Pair with Robot Controller.' Note: Make sure the Paring Method is set to Control Hub.

4. Next, proceed by clicking the Wifi settings button. You will be prompted to change the Wifi the Driver Station is connected to. Select the Wifi network generated by your Control Hub. The default name usually starts with “FTC-“ and the default password is "password", unless your team has changed it already. In this example, REV-DEMO Control Hub is used.

5. After entering the Wifi password and clicking connect, the display should indicate that the robot is connected. Congratulations your Driver Hub is now paired to the Control Hub!

What's Next?

After you complete the steps above, the Driver Hub should be ready to use. If you do not yet know how to create or run programs on your robot, there are several resources online to help you get started. From the Driver Station App, you can run your programs on the robot. If you want to learn more about programming, some external resources can be found here.

If you liked this post or found it helpful, please share it to help other teams!

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